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We have fresh and modern rooms with 1-4 beds. All the rooms are based in the main house, some with an ocean view. The guests have access to a large pleasant lounge with TV, breakfast buffé and coffee facilites, as well as a self-catering guest kitchen. A number of the rooms have a WC and shower in the corridor but a few have their own WC.

  • Bedlinen and breakfast not included in the room price.
  • You have access to a large garden with barbecue facilites.
  • Naturally we have free parking directly outside.

Room options

Remaining rooms (space)


Room options V.17 - 39
Single room 430 SEK
Single room with WC 520 SEK
Double room 630 SEK
Double room with WC 765 SEK
Room with three beds 850 SEK
Family room (4 beds) 1030 SEK
V.17 - 39
Breakfast/person 120 SEK
Bedlinen & towels/person 135 SEK
Extra bed 210 SEK
Mattress 180 SEK
Children 0-4 years 50 SEK


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